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MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Bus Routes and Suburban Trains
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Connecting (Stages : Koymabedu Market) (Localities : Koyambedu)
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NameFromToFrequency in mins*
XM70CKoymabedu MarketTambaram 12 mins
S170ThiruverkaduTambaram 15 mins
27CT.NagarThiruverkadu 15 mins
S27CT.NagarThiruverkadu 15 mins
53GKoymabedu MarketPadurmedu 30 mins
114CTRed HillsC.M.B.T. 30 mins
70CKoymabedu MarketTambaram 33 mins
114PPadiyanallurKoymabedu Market 37 mins
15FNSParrysKoymabedu Market 40 mins
121AManaliKoymabedu Market 40 mins
12BETFore Shore EstateKoymabedu Market 44 mins
17ABroadwayKoymabedu Market 65 mins
46ACTVillivakkamKoymabedu Market 70 mins
15FCTBroadwayKoymabedu Market 90 mins
61ECTKoymabedu MarketKilkondaiyur 100 mins
M70FPattabiramGuindy Tvk Estate 105 mins
F70PattabiramGuindy Tvk Estate 105 mins
62EMadanakuppamKoymabedu Market 120 mins
17BCTKoymabedu MarketMangadu 120 mins
M12BETFore Shore EstateKoymabedu Market 130 mins
41FKoymabedu MarketMandaveli 130 mins
46GCTM.K.B.Nagar EastKoymabedu Market 130 mins
62DPozhal CampKoymabedu Market 140 mins
53SC.M.B.T.Pattabiram 140 mins
159CThiruvetriyur B.SKoymabedu Market 150 mins
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*Frequency is approximate & applicable during peak traffic hours.
*Aggregate frequency computed using 25 most frequent routes alone.
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