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MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Bus Routes and Suburban Trains
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Connecting (Stages : Thiruvotriyur Temple) (Localities : Thiruvotriyur)
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NameFromToFrequency in mins*
28Thiruvetriyur B.SEgmore North R.S. 11 mins
SP19ETThiruvetriyur B.SKovalam 11 mins
56CBroadwayThiruvetriyur B.S 12 mins
56AV. NagarEnnore 12 mins
S01BThiruvetriyur B.STambaram 15 mins
X01AThiruvetriyur B.SThiruvanmiyur 17 mins
S01AThiruvetriyur B.SThiruvanmiyur 22 mins
S28Thiruvetriyur B.SEgmore North R.S. 30 mins
S01GThiruvetriyur B.SVelachery 32 mins
M28Thiruvetriyur B.SAnna Square 33 mins
28AEgmore North R.S.Manali New Town 36 mins
157Thiruvetriyur B.SRed Hills 40 mins
56KTollgateRed Hills 54 mins
X01BThiruvetriyur B.STambaram 67 mins
56MV. NagarVichoor 70 mins
15BETThiruvetriyur B.SC.M.B.T. 80 mins
157ETThiruvetriyur B.SPadiyanallur 85 mins
134AThiruvetriyur B.SMogapair West 90 mins
01AThiruvetriyur B.SThiruvanmiyur 100 mins
X01JThiruvetriyur B.STriplicane 110 mins
S21HETThiruvetriyur B.SKelambakkam 115 mins
06FAir NagarFore Shore Estate 130 mins
156AV. NagarEnnore 130 mins
38DThiruvetriyur B.SKodungaiyur(Parvathi Naga 140 mins
56ETollgateMinjur New Terminus 140 mins
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*Frequency is approximate & applicable during peak traffic hours.
*Aggregate frequency computed using 25 most frequent routes alone.
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