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MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Bus Routes and Suburban Trains
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Connecting (Stages : V. Nagar) (Localities : Vallalar Nagar Old Washermenpet)
with (Stages : Aayurveda Ashramam, Red Hills) (Localities : Red Hills)
Showing 1 to 23 of 23 routes  (Aggregate frequency : Around 1 bus every 2 minutes)*  Loading.. Please wait..  
NameFromToFrequency in mins*
57V. NagarRed Hills 10 mins
S57FBroadwayKaranodai 13 mins
S547V. NagarPeriyapalayam 38 mins
S592V. NagarPeriyapalayam 43 mins
S592GV. NagarPeriyapalayam Temple 43 mins
SM57BroadwayRed Hills 44 mins
X57FBroadwayKaranodai 47 mins
S557BroadwayGummudipoondi R.S. 53 mins
S558V. NagarPonneri 80 mins
57DBroadwayPoochiathibedu 85 mins
S532V. NagarPeriyapalayam 85 mins
S57V. NagarRed Hills 90 mins
58HV. NagarNew Erumai Vetti Palayam 90 mins
X593BroadwayThandalam 110 mins
XA57BroadwayPadiyanallur 110 mins
57AV. NagarAngadu 120 mins
X558PV. NagarPerumbedukuppam 120 mins
58ABroadwayRed Hills 130 mins
57CV. NagarGnayaru 140 mins
57MBroadwayAlamadhi 140 mins
57FBroadwayKaranodai 144 mins
57BV. NagarUppara Palayam 150 mins
58GBroadwayGnayaru 210 mins
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*Frequency is approximate & applicable during peak traffic hours.
*Aggregate frequency computed using 25 most frequent routes alone.
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